Burundi country background

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Burundi is a tiny country located in between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Much of Burundi’s current challenge lies in its efforts to recover from a 12-year civil war, in which thousands died and the infrastructure and economy of the county was severely weakened. Burundi is one of the poorest in the world, with one of the lowest Human Development Indicators. As a small country with a very high population density, pressure on the land and conflict over access to this valuable and important resource is also poses a significant challenge.

Nonetheless, a fragile and optimistic peace has emerged in the years since the crisis, with many civilians, civil society actors, and local leaders eager to ensure that upcoming 2015 elections, growing pressure on the freedom of the press, and continued problems of poverty, malaria, and land pressure do not upset or reverse a process towards a better future that many Burundians have worked hard to achieve.

LWF has several ongoing projects in the eastern-most regions of Burundi, along the Tanzanian border. Cankuzo and Ruyigi provinces, two of the most remote provinces in the country, have also had a long history of instability during the crisis and in its aftermath, as many repatriated Burundian refugees returning from Tanzanian came back after the conflict. LWF Burundi officially began its operations in 2006, providing humanitarian aid to refugees that were repatriating and returning to their homes in eastern Burundi through a program called the Program for Peace (PfP). Today, LWF continues to work in the same communities, yet has incorporated members of the host communities and is no longer working with only returnees.

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