Uganda country background

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Uganda is a landlocked country and a member of the East African Community. LWF Uganda has many projects throughout the country, ranging from slum projects to rural development to refugee sites.

Since operations first began in 1979, LWF Uganda has both expanded and adapted its program to the changing contexts in Uganda. LWF Uganda has provided support to communities devastated by civil war, villages destroyed by conflict, families affected by drought and flooding, and individuals struggling to reach self-sufficiency. Despite enduring many hardships, the people of Uganda have responded to such difficulties with strength and resilience, determined to uphold their dignity.

Recognizing the crucial importance of linking short term relief work with long term sustainable development activities, LWF Uganda has made enduring commitments to the individuals and communities we work with: supporting them in times of emergency, assisting them to recover once the emergency has subsided, and encouraging them to feel empowered to advocate for their rights and build self-reliant lives.

We are a learning organization, committed to the constantly improving our work and increasing our impact. With over thirty years experience working in Uganda, a team of over 180 employees – 97% of whom are employed locally – we have sound experience and in-depth knowledge of local issues and are continually working to develop long-term, sustainable solutions to these challenges.

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