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Projects operating in Sembabule, Uganda

LWF-Sembabule began in 2004 after a baseline survey that revealed an alarming HIV/AIDS prevalence rate of 17.8%. It began as a community based HIV/AIDS program, but has since grown to address other pertinent issues including:


Women’s Bank
Funded by: FinnChurchAid

This project is working with women groups and individuals to help them put the acquired entrepreneurship skills to use and support the development of their communities to enjoy the right to dignified livelihoods. Activities implemented include:

  • Identification, formation and training of women groups on entrepreneurship and business planning, family planning, value addition, VSLAs
  • Support women income generating schemes/projects
  • Train women leaders on advocacy and women rights

Child Rights
Funded by: Church of Sweden

This project focuses on addressing problems contributing to poor achievement of Universal Primary Education, high child mortality and poor maternal health through the following activities:

  • Facilitate different workshops in schools to encourage parent and child participation
  • Formation of stay-in-school clubs and Parish Education Committees
  • Structural improvements of school latrines and classrooms
  • Promotion of child rights and children with disabilities’ rights
  • Training of you with apprenticeship skills
  • Distribution of start-up kits to youth
  • Training of VHTs and women on infant feeding, nutrition, PMTCT, hygiene and sanitation
  • Establishment of backyard gardens

Rural Development Project

Location: Kitgum, Sembabule, and Katakwi, Uganda

Funded by: Church of Sweden, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, FinnChurchAid and German National Committee

This integrative project run in Kitgum, Sembabule and Katakwi includes projects in multiple sectors that highlight our country strategy. The main activities include:

  • HIV and AIDS: HIV and AIDS sensitizations for community based educators and care givers, recreational activities supported, home care kits provided, seed distribution to PLWAs households and HCT/VCT
  • Water and Sanitation: Drilling and rehabilitation of boreholes, training of water and sanitation committees, hygiene and sanitation sensitization meetings, installation of water harvesting tanks and of latrines in schools
  • Vulnerable children: Provision of schools fees, scholastic materials and transport to schools for children, HIV and AIDS awareness, youth camps, provision of planting materials to vulnerable children’s households, training of local leaders in child rights, and counseling of children and caregivers
  • Food security: Production of fruit and wood tree seedlings for distribution to households, support to income generating activities, promotion of school feeding activities, provision of seeds for food crops, and farm implements for plowing

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